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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good day

Justin had a good day today, took the math part of the diagnostic FCAT & said he thinks he did really well.  We shall see in a few weeks :)  I'm sure he did just fine.  He had fun at Chuck E Cheese tonight, we went because his school was having a fundraiser.  He enjoyed seeing classmates outside of school :)

His numbers were pretty good all day, still a little high in the morning and tonight, but I'm sure his insulin will get adjusted a little tomorrow when he see's the endocrinologist. 

It is so crazy how your sugar affects you, no more million trips to the potty, going through a bottle or more of juice a day..........he is completely back to his old self.  He's so active again, and just being my silly, loving little boy.  I'm still nervous about him having a low, its scary when that happens. 

I know they'll be good days and off days, but I am happy we know what was wrong and now he's getting the medicine he needs.  I'm not sure if the sadness will ever go completely away, I'll always feel bad that he has to deal with this for his whole life.  But it is getting a little better each day, Justin is doing so well dealing with the multiple finger sticks and shots everyday, he's so brave.  He's learning what he can eat and when.....he'll ask me "does this have carbs?" LOL  He really is just an awesome little boy.

It was another busy day at work which was good, School calls me and lets me know what his lunch time number is everyday.  Tomorrow no work, taking Justin to his first endocrinology appt since the hospital.  Then hopefully getting our Christmas Tree! Justin is so excited to put lights up and everything.......Chris better get to work on the outside soon LOL

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