Justin's Story

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Rapids Waterpark with the JDRF!

What a fun day!!  The JDRF treated us to a day at The Rapids waterpark for their back to school event! 
I got to talk with the Dexcom rep and I'm gonna get him our insurance info and he's going to check if they will cover it.  I'm not sure Justin will wear another site, but if its covered we'll try!  And he already thinks it's cool because Ryan Reed uses one :) 
We got to see  alot of our old friends, and make some new ones!  A few of the ladies I had talked to already on facebook, or on the phone or text LOL  So I felt like I already knew them!  I was so happy the boys all got along great and had a blast! 
The boys were watching out for each other, they came back over where we were sitting when Justin felt low.  The boys were even off on their own for a while....Got a little nervous, but then they floated by on the lazy river :)  Justin loved having freedom to go off with his friends, I felt comfortable enough that they were looking out for each other and would come get us if something was wrong. 
I totally enjoyed getting to chat with other D Moms all day, It's nice to talk on facebook and such, but its really awesome to talk in person!! 
Blood sugars were all over the place, and ended really high.  Gave a correction and 2 hours later....low.  Can't win sometimes!  Today was site change so did that when we got home, and BG was good after dinner, 111.
Can you spot the pumps in the picture lol..........