Justin's Story

Justin's Story

On the morning of November 19, 2012 I called Justins pediatrician and  I left a message explaining his symptoms, and within 30 minutes they returned my call and asked that I bring him in at 12:15.  I left work early and went to pick him up early at school, he was surprised I was there.  I just knew already what was wrong, my stomach was so upset and I was so nervous.  

We got to the doctors office at 11:45, and of course as soon as we got there Justin needed the restroom, so he did his thing, then they weighed him. They put us right into a room.  The nurse came in a did a finger stick to check his blood sugar, and they checked the urine.  The doctor was taking a long time to come in, which was just making me more nervous.When he came in he had a sad look on his face, and just said his sugar is high, couldn't give an exact number as his machine just read "high" which meant over 400.  He had tears in his eyes as he was telling me what we were going to do and trying to make me feel better, I learned his son is also a type 1 diabetic.  Everything in the room was spinning, and I was listening to him, and then I just lost it, I couldn't keep the tears in anymore.  My gut feeling was right, and it sucked!  

He and his staff got Justin entertained and got the paperwork for me to take to the hospital, while I made some tough phone calls.  He told me to go right to the hospital, the pediatric ER at Palms West Hospital.  

I have never walked into an ER, and been taken right away.  The nurse read the note from the Doctor, and immediately brought him back for vitals, and then right into a treatment room.  They checked his sugar again it was 560!  They quickly started an IV with fluids to start diluting his blood.  He was such a trooper with all the needle sticks, such a brave kid!   

Brave Kid!

He rested in the bed all afternoon getting fluids and watching TV, the occasional sugar check again.  We were told he was going to be admitted to the PICU, I was so upset seeing my baby like this.  He was complaining he was hungry all afternoon, but he was not allowed anything to eat until all the blood work came back and the doctor said it was ok.  Within 30 minutes I was told the endocrinologist said shes ok with him going to the regular pediatric floor, roller coaster afternoon!  Justin was so upset that he had to stay at the hospital, I just kept reassuring him we weren't going to leave him there alone.  
Relaxing and getting fluids
 We got up to the floor around 7:00pm, they got him all situated, and started "training" us.  My brain at this point was so foggy and I was drained from everything.  I had a few different nurses come in and tell us about diabetes, and everything were going to have to do.  Then around 8:00pm Justin got his first dose of insulin and was allowed to eat!  He was happy to see that it was chicken fingers and fries.  I was happy it was something he liked after not eating since 10:00am "lunch" at school.  

After he ate he wanted to play video games, so the wonderful nurse brought in a cart with a playstation 3 on it, he loved that!!
PlayStation Time!

   After a super crazy day, we all tried to get some rest, it was a very long night, with the constant vital checks, and sugar checks.........along with all my tears.

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