Justin's Story

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Busy Busy!

We have been super busy the last couple of weekends! We went to Daytona for both the Nationwide and Sprint cup races.  We had an amazing time, we got to be there to suport Ryan Reed in the Drive to Stop Diabetes #16! Justin loves the races and were so happy we can enjoy it as a family :) I have good memories of going to the races when I was younger, and I couldnt wait till Justin was old enough to enjoy it! If you've been to Daytona International  Speedway you know its lots & lots of walking! Overall diabetes behaved,  he had 1 stubborn low of course it happened to be while we were at the drive to stop diabetes tent......but took care of it and continued on having fun. 

This weekend was our JDRF Walk to cure diabetes!! It was a great success! I was so happy that his Grandma & Grandpa came down to walk with us! We know its a long way and truly appreciate it!  We had support from staff at Justins school and friends and family!  The ladies from his school made shirts with Justin and the other kid from his school that has T1.  I think that is just AWESOME!!!  It was a fun time, I love the support at the walk. 

On other note we got Justin on a cheaper health plan, I still need to call tomorrow since I never got anything in the mail and I have no clue what's going on.  But I believe were going to have to see a new endocrinologist & that makes me really upset.  I need a break with the financial part of diabetes.....its an expensive disease, and with a big deductible we just cant continue this way.   But we LOVE his current dr.......its really so frustrating.  I wish I was a millionaire and didnt have to worry about the money.  I realized he wont see her forever because in 10 years he wont need a pediatric endo, but were comfortable with her and how she handles things.  Her staff is great, my calls or emails are always answered in a timely manner. My biggest worry is seeing a new Dr and trying to change what were doing and not being as easy to reach and send in numbers to get dose changes.  I really hate that all the supplies we need are so expensive that I have to be in this position.  Im super worried about it.  Diabetes is unpredictable enough Im dreading changing Drs :( 

Besides that things have just been going.  Justin is still in good spirits and no more break downs.......although I know it wil happen again.