Justin's Story

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Busy!!

So the last few weeks have been super busy! 

We got to enjoy the water park, and no rain, yay! LOL  Justin was super happy to have his buddy join us for the day.  I had a waterproof container that I wore around my neck all day, with a spare meter a few strips and some candy in case of any lows.  We did great all day, until about 30 minutes before we left.  We were on the lazy river & Justin said he felt low.  Luckily we were right next to an exit with stairs, so we sat on the stairs and checked.....he was low :(  So he had a few candies, and we waited 15 minutes to recheck, then I realized I didn't have any more strips with me, so I carried him back to the exit closer to the locker where the other meter was, because he was saying he still didn't feel well.  I was scared he was crashing after swimming all day.  But I rechecked and it was fine, just over 100.  So he was just hungry for dinner.....& Tired!  

Great idea! From the D-Mom blogger book..Kids First, Diabetes Second
Riding the waves :)

Justin had his endocrinologist visit recently, and it went great!  His A1C was a 6.9, Dr. was thrilled with that, and said that's amazing for someone in his age group.  I told her we were weighing certain foods and using carb factors to figure his dose for meals that are not easy to figure out a carb count, she was amazed, and kept telling me she wished more parents were like me :) 
So we go back again in 4 months.......just keep doing our best everyday.  Even though its not easy.


We had a great time on vacation last week. We visited Gatlinburg, TN in the middle of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  Justins BG was pretty good on the car ride there and back, the Dr. had warned us he may run high & that its ok....shes so reassuring.  

We were super busy while we were there, and schedule was a little off at times, but we managed.  Had one day where he went low just before lunch, so we treated it and went from 50 to 175....anything over 200 at lunch and he gets insulin, it was close I had a feeling I should give him at least a unit.  But didn't, and he skyrocketed to 440!!  I was freaked out, but gave him a correction dose and it came down, no ketones thank God.  Learn from mistakes and move on......thats the D life.  It was real tough on vacation with different schedule, and eating different places.  But we did it, and except for the one rough afternoon, his numbers were good.  That is why when he gets a 100, we celebrate and do a happy dance, its the little things that get us excited LOL.....

Us enjoying the cold mountain water ;)

The Smoky Mountain National Park


Monday, June 10, 2013


So we had a busy weekend!  Justin got out of school for the summer last Thursday, so we had a 3 day weekend before camp started.  Friday me and Justin just hung out and enjoyed his first day of summer vacation.  Saturday was the Family event at the water park with the JDRF.  Well mother nature had other plans, and unfortunately the water park couldn't open due to the storms. But we still got to mingle and enjoy lunch with all the T1 families.  

Since we didn't get to play in the water, it kinda messed up Justins sugars for the day.  It started because I gave him an extra snack when we arrived (in anticipation of swimming, and trying to avoid a low).  We gave him a correction at lunch, and it took all afternoon to come down. Was just frustrating, because he wasn't feeling high, but he was sure acting it with the need to go to the bathroom so often and being thirsty.  We went to a movie, and I think he went 3 times........that hasn't happened since before diagnosis.  I was mad at myself, over a snack......ridiculous!  

Diabetes can be so frustrating!!  Its days like that that make me so sad again, I starting thinking about all the struggles he will face in his life with it and I get so angry and just cry.  It really just sucks.  We have a lot of good days, then one bad day make me revert back to zero again with my feelings.  I just wish I could carry this burden for him, I HATE seeing my precious little boy dealing with all of this!!  

Today was the first day of summer camp! Of course I'm super nervous about it, I was comfortable with how things were handled during the school year, and it's all the same people working the camp, but I just worry because they are playing pretty much all day, outside, swimming, just way more active than a regular school day.  I restocked the school with juice boxes, candy, and extra snacks so if lunch is more than 4 hours after breakfast, or before swimming if he needs something.  I will be sending him with a bag, with all his supplies on days they have an off campus trip.  That way nothing is forgotten. The staff at camp is amazing, I hate being the PIA mother, and they are so nice about everything.  I miss the days I could just drop him off quickly, and not have to check what time lunch is, what time swimming is, blah blah.  I miss just walking in saying good morning, signing him in, hug/kiss,love you bye. I just pray every day for him to have an awesome summer, and that D doesn't get in the way of that.  


Monday, June 3, 2013

Diabetes doesn't care.....

So Justin turned 8 last Tuesday!  Crazy how fast the years go!  We celebrated his birthday with a pool party, he had a blast.  He and his friends were swimming for 3 hours....taking a break for pizza and cake.  As I always do before he starts an activity we checked his BG, he was at 174, a little on the high side, but swimming brings it down FAST!  It was about 45 minutes after party and swimming started he came to me and said he felt low, and he was at 49!!  So we treated it and he rested for 15 minutes, and we rechecked.  He was ready to go swimming again.  After that pizza was ready, and he ate lunch, and didn't have anymore problems. And because of all the swimming his numbers were good the rest of the day :)  I felt bad because he was loosing out on 15 minutes of his party, diabetes doesn't care that it was his birthday party that he was so excited about.  It didn't really seem to bother him, this is his life now.  But it bothered me seeing him sidelined while his friends were still playing.  

My Birthday Boy! 8 Years old!!

So last weekend was our first camping experience. We actually had a lot of fun despite the weather not cooperating at all.  Was so rainy!!  We had a site with electric so we had a fan in our tent, that made it tolerable :) Then we spent the day at Lion Country Safari, a really awesome zoo near us.  Justins BG numbers were good the whole time, and we all had a really fun time!  It's so nice when D cooperates :)  On the ride to the campground we drove past the hospital Justin was in after diagnosis, a flood of memories came back, and I couldn't do anything but smile because as much as this is a life changing event, we are not letting it stop us from experiencing anything, we were off to camp, in a tent! :)

Today I had to take Justin for blood work, he was super brave as always!  Tested for his A1C, which will be the first since diagnosis which was about 14!  So I'm anxiously waiting to hear that at his appt next week.  Also tested for celiac, also an autoimmune disease.  Hopefully both come back good!

Brave boy!
Things are going good for us, looking forward the water park this weekend with our local JDRF Chapter!  Justin is super excited about that!! 

I will update again next week after his endo appt!