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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Busy!!

So the last few weeks have been super busy! 

We got to enjoy the water park, and no rain, yay! LOL  Justin was super happy to have his buddy join us for the day.  I had a waterproof container that I wore around my neck all day, with a spare meter a few strips and some candy in case of any lows.  We did great all day, until about 30 minutes before we left.  We were on the lazy river & Justin said he felt low.  Luckily we were right next to an exit with stairs, so we sat on the stairs and checked.....he was low :(  So he had a few candies, and we waited 15 minutes to recheck, then I realized I didn't have any more strips with me, so I carried him back to the exit closer to the locker where the other meter was, because he was saying he still didn't feel well.  I was scared he was crashing after swimming all day.  But I rechecked and it was fine, just over 100.  So he was just hungry for dinner.....& Tired!  

Great idea! From the D-Mom blogger book..Kids First, Diabetes Second
Riding the waves :)

Justin had his endocrinologist visit recently, and it went great!  His A1C was a 6.9, Dr. was thrilled with that, and said that's amazing for someone in his age group.  I told her we were weighing certain foods and using carb factors to figure his dose for meals that are not easy to figure out a carb count, she was amazed, and kept telling me she wished more parents were like me :) 
So we go back again in 4 months.......just keep doing our best everyday.  Even though its not easy.


We had a great time on vacation last week. We visited Gatlinburg, TN in the middle of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  Justins BG was pretty good on the car ride there and back, the Dr. had warned us he may run high & that its ok....shes so reassuring.  

We were super busy while we were there, and schedule was a little off at times, but we managed.  Had one day where he went low just before lunch, so we treated it and went from 50 to 175....anything over 200 at lunch and he gets insulin, it was close I had a feeling I should give him at least a unit.  But didn't, and he skyrocketed to 440!!  I was freaked out, but gave him a correction dose and it came down, no ketones thank God.  Learn from mistakes and move on......thats the D life.  It was real tough on vacation with different schedule, and eating different places.  But we did it, and except for the one rough afternoon, his numbers were good.  That is why when he gets a 100, we celebrate and do a happy dance, its the little things that get us excited LOL.....

Us enjoying the cold mountain water ;)

The Smoky Mountain National Park



  1. That book has become my diabetes bible, between it and her wedsite I feel like there isnt anything I cant figure out.
    Sounds like you are having a fun summer!

    1. I totally feel the same about that book! I had bought it on my nook, then had to get a hard copy!


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