Justin's Story

Sunday, November 19, 2017

1,825 days....thats 5 whole years!

5 years ago Justin's life was forever changed.  This year is really hitting me harder than previous years.  But I look at Justin and his strength simply amazes me!  He is turning into such a kind, wonderful young man, who happens to have this thing called Type 1 diabetes.  5 years ago our world as we knew it was gone, and we were forced into a new life that we didn't ask for.  We wouldn't have made it as gracefully as we have without our amazing support system.  Justin immediately had a T1D buddy in his Grandpa, and I called him just about every night for a while.  We found our tribe of parents and kids his age that had T1D as well and they make us feel at home.  Those ladies are my rocks!

Thank you to all of those who play or have played a special part in our journey so far, and thank you to those who have learned right along with us and helped care for Justin.

When you take the time to learn what Justin is dealing with it shows you care.

When you walk with us it shows him you care.
When you stand up to those making jokes about diabetes it shows you care.
When you ask questions it shows you care.
When you include him it shows you care.
When you are kind it shows us you care.
When you sit with him while waiting for a low to come up it shows you care.
When you don't freak out when he's testing his blood it shows you care.
When you notice him first instead of T1D it shows you care.

There are so many ways to show him love.  He is so much more than T1D, but its part of him and understanding is very much appreciated!

I couldn't be more proud of how he handles everything.  So here's to the next year of kicking T1D butt kiddo! You've got this! And if you think you don't I'll be right here for you to fall on.