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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First day back at school "alone"

Today was a good day! I went back to work, and was happy it was busy, kept my mind from wandering too much and worrying.  Justin said he had a good day at school, he got to swim in PE today, and they took a diagnostic FCAT, that he says he did good on.  He was hungry so for tomorrow I packed extra ham rolls.  I'm so proud of him, have I mentioned that he is AMAZING? :)  

He had fun at scouts tonight even though he was tired since he decided to wake himself up at 5am this morning LOL......crazy boy!  Needless to say there was no arguing at bedtime tonight :)

I bought him a reusable "juice box" to send with him in his lunch box, he liked that!  His drink of choice now is fruit punch crystal light.  I have 3 pitchers in the fridge with different flavors :)  

Each day that passes this all seems a little more "normal"  I'm still sad about it, and I'm sure that feeling with never go away.  But Justin is doing great! The weight he lost is quickly coming back on, he's up 8lbs already, he's got energy again, he looks so much better, and he's back to silly Justin again!  That is such an encouragement for us, it makes this easier, because all we want is for him to be happy and healthy, and that now means taking insulin on a daily basis, but thats ok, as long as he is happy and healthy, that's what matters!

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  1. Great blog Jen!! Keep up the good work! Hang in there momma!! You are doing a great job!! :)


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