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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1 week after diagnosis

Monday November 26 is 1 week that we have been dealing with diabetes.  We are learning more everyday, and Justin is such a trooper!   I am constantly on the internet reading everything I can.  In just a week Justin has already put on about 7-8lbs, he looks so much better!!  
1 week after diagnosis

Justin had caught me crying up in my room one night, and he says "whats wrong mom?"  I told him I was sad that he had diabetes, his response was "don't be sad, it's not your fault, and you don't have to do everything they did in the hospital" (like being "hooked up" or checking vitals constantly) as he was wiping away my tears.  I told him that he was the most amazing, brave, awesome kid ever!  He is just going with everything like no big deal, he is the best!!  Him taking it so well is helping me, I just look at him so happy and carefree and feeling better than he has in months, and I know everything will be fine.  I won't say I still don't want to cry at the littlest thing, but it's getting easier because my son is amazing! I keep reminding him if he needs to talk to anyone about his feelings that were here for him.  So far nothing, but I like him to know were here and he's not going through this alone.  

Justin went back to school Tuesday November 27, I went with him all day, he liked that.  It gave me a chance to speak with the girls at the office and take care of what I needed to there.  All of his friends were excited to have him back, they all had a bunch of questions for him.  

I've got everything labeled for school, all the supplies he now needs.......I never thought I'd be labeling those kinds of supplies for school.  His snacks are labeled, "classroom", "aftercare" so he knows when to have what.  (one is ham and cheese, the other a cheese stick and goldfish crackers)  I am super nervous for him to be there without us close.  But I know he'll be fine, and we won't always be able to be right there, but I'll do my damn best! Field trips I'm there, camp not so sure of right now, I'll have to see how I feel about that when the time comes.

Successful first day back, Justin is back to his normal silly self again, oh how I've missed that kid! 

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