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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Justin left the hospital on Wednesday November 21, he was super excited to be going home, he was already feeling so much better!

When we got home he was ready to play, he had some more visitors, Marsha, Michael & Mason,  then played with his buddy Jayden for a while.  Me and Chris were both nervous about doing everything right, and on time. Justin was happy to not be "hooked up" to the IV anymore.  

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and honestly I really didn't feel like cooking at all, Auntie offered to treat us to Cracker Barrel, but I figured I should cook since I had already went out and bought everything.    

The afternoon went fast and it feels like all were doing is getting Justin a snack, checking sugar or giving insulin.  I know this will all become more routine eventually, but for now it's very time consuming.  

Thanksgiving was nice, cooking actually was a nice "break" even though I kept asking Justin how he felt, he's feeling and acting so much better!  And the weight is coming right back onto him!  Justin ate some macaroni & cheese and LOTS of turkey :) 
Feeling better, playing on the "trash pack" website

 Friday-Sunday:  We didn't do a whole lot, me and Justin made a trip to Target for a few things, and then Saturday was a "pajama day" Justin loves when we stay in our pj's all day.  Sunday we cleaned up the house and put up Christmas decorations, Justin could hardly wait, me on the other hand was struggling to find some Christmas spirit.  After that we went to Walmart, and everything was fine until checkout, and Justin wanted a ring pop, well normally I would get him a candy, but it's not good for him anymore, and he was so upset when we told him no.  I know he's still learning and its hard to accept that you can't have, what just a few days ago he would have been allowed.  On the way out to the car & thankfully it was dark, I was crying and just angry at the world again, how is this fair that my kid can't have a damn lollipop?!?!?!  This is beyond frustrating, and heartbreaking.  

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