Justin's Story

Monday, November 26, 2012


The first night was a long one, between the vital checks, sugar checks, and just not being comfortable, we barely slept.  There were also a lot of tears, mostly on my part.  It is so hard knowing that this is something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life.  I am sure hoping there is a cure in his lifetime.  Justin's positive attitude about all of this is such an encouragement, I can only imagine if he wasn't so brave and positive how much harder this would be.  
Justin relaxing with pumpkin and hot dog :)
 I left the hospital for a little while and went home to shower, when I got back the Dr. was there, along with all the nurses and Chris was getting ready to draw up and mix the insulin and give Justin his injection.  He did great & so did Justin!  While the doctor was explaining everything she says "He's still your little boy, he's still gonna be able to do anything he wants" I just about lost it again.....This is so hard!!  

After that Justin ate breakfast and played on the PlayStation some more.  Chris left to pick up my Dad from the airport, Justin was so excited to see his Grandpa!!  He told him they were like brothers because they both had Type 1 Diabetes. It was great having Dad here, as he knows how I'm feeling, and what this is all like. 

Meanwhile all day, different people would come talk to us, nutritionists, nurses, educators.  I was learning fast about everything from blood glucose monitoring, drawing up and giving injections, glucagon, carb counting, symptoms of high/low blood glucose....and so on.   

Tuesday was eventful for Justin, his buddy Jayden came to visit him and brought awesome legos for him, I mean Chris to put together LOL.  Justin was feeling a lot better today, was being more like his old self! Tuesday night, Auntie came to visit after work, she brought Justin a new stuffed doggie, that Justin named "hot dog" LOL  He also got a visit from the therapy dog, he loved that! We tried to get some rest again, but was same as first night, tears & lots of checking up on him all night.  
Feeling a lot better, coloring and playing legos

Justin and the therapy dog
   Wednesday morning was my turn to mix the insulin and give the injection, I hate shots, getting them or giving them, I didn't want a job where I had to do that at all.  Surprisingly I wasn't that nervous to give Justin his insulin, I guess its because its now a necessity for him to live.  Me and Chris took turns doing the insulin and glucose checks, and felt comfortable enough with everything that we were ready to head home.  
Putting the lego sets together

When the doctor came in Wednesday morning & checked him out one more time to make sure he wasn't having any issues and asked if we thought we were ready to go home, of course we said YES!  Justin was so excited that he was getting to go home.  We got everything packed and waited for the discharge papers.  I was excited to be leaving the hospital but scared to go home and begin our new normal.  
lots of love for Justin

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