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Saturday, December 1, 2012

One day at a time..........

It's almost 2 weeks since diagnosis, and Justin is doing awesome! He seen the Endocrinologist on Friday and everything was good, changed his insulin dose a little bit because he's gained weight.  She explained the "honeymoon" stage and that if his BG levels are low, to call and she'll let me know what to do as far as how much insulin to give.  The "honeymoon" stage is a period when the pancreas is still producing some insulin, but only about 10% of the beta cells are working.  So you still need to give some insulin.  She said everything was good for now, and follow up in 2 months.  Her assistants hooked us up with insulin and a 2nd meter, and lots of information!  

Friday Justin woke up at 6am having really bad stomach pain, not sure what it was from.  The Dr. thinks it's diet change related.  After the stomach pain first thing in the morning he was fine, until after lunch, then he was having stomach pain and a headache.  I'm not sure if they were diabetic related or not, but of course it got me all upset, and I had another good cry.  I HATE seeing my little boy in pain or not feeling good, this is so hard because I can't take it away.  The thing that really bothers me the most is that this is FOREVER!  I hate that his whole life he's gonna have to watch what he eats, and not just for weight control, but because his life depends on it.  IT SUCKS!  I've said before I grew up with my Dad a type 1, and it was normal to check blood sugar and give insulin, but I never really knew much past that, I remember if he was low we'd stop at a gas station so he could get a candy bar or something, but never really knew.............and now I feel so bad knowing what a day is like.  I know it is what it is, and you deal with it, but it really sucks!

Today was better, Justin didn't complain of any stomach pains or headache.  Numbers are still high at certain times, but Dr. wasn't concerned, so I won't be.  She knows what shes doing, plus if he's in honeymoon stage too much insulin will make him low.  We got a lot done today, did a little shopping, I got a new purse with 3 different compartment so I can be more organized with all of Justin's stuff I am now carrying, had some lunch, finally got my car washed lol and got our Christmas tree.....I even made my first fresh wreath :)  Justin was in a good mood most of the day, he was a little low before lunch and was getting grouchy.....but he ate and was fine. 

Justin had fun playing with his buddy, while I made the wreath and Chris put the lights on the tree.  Then after dinner, me and Justin put the ornaments on the tree.  He loved looking at all of them and asking questions about them.  Oh and he's checking his own blood sugar already!  Were still right there helping, but he'll poke his own finger, and he can get the blood onto the strip :)  So proud of him!!  Taking it one day at a time..........

Being silly in Target :)

So excited about the Christmas tree!

My crazy kid!! Loves to run onto my bed haha!

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