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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long Week............

This week seems to be taking forever!  Justin has had a pretty good week, numbers have been ok not to high.  But he has had a couple lows before lunch at school.  Nothing that a starburst didn't help, but still makes me nervous not being there.  I think he's officially in the honeymoon stage, he's had good numbers and some lows, Dr. had us change the fast acting insulin to only 1 unit in the morning, that helped his lunch time number today.  Tonight after dinner and some popcorn he was at 67, so he ate some more snack, then was 110.  

This is all so emotionally tiring, the constant worry about how he's feeling, did he eat enough/too much, it really sucks!  I tried talking to Justin tonight about his feelings about the diabetes, and he said "I wish I was like Timmy Turner & had fairly odd parents to grant wishes, I would wish for no one to have diabetes"  :(  He has still been such a champ with everything, he's checking his own sugar, will do the whole thing, loading a strip in machine, prick finger, put blood on strip.  And he's letting us rotate from all the available injection sites now.  He was just letting us do in the arms. 

He's gained more weight, up to 52.6.......so now he's gained almost 9 pounds back!  He looks so good, and healthy again!  He's happy and wanting to joke around, It makes me so happy to see him like that!  Every time I look at the picture from the race the day before diagnosis, I just want to cry.  I know we caught it earlier than a lot of people do, but he just looks awful, makes me feel so bad.  I still have good cries about everything, I guess I will for a while.  Just gotta go through the emotions I guess.  Each day is a little easier, but I know this will be a challenge and they'll be good days and bad days.  

He is excited about the parades this weekend, the first one on Saturday his Cub Scout Pack is involved, then Sunday were going to watch the Wellington parade.  And hopefully sometime squeeze in driving around to look at lights :)  And maybe put up our lights outside before its too late LOL.....so disorganized this year!  

Justin had the leftover letters from our parade banner and decided to hang some on his door :)

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