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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Emotionally Exhausted

I feel like a need to just sleep, I really haven't slept good since the diagnosis, I just have a nagging nervous worried feeling, and toss and turn all night.  I'm so emotionally exhausted, I feel like I just need to sleep good and give my brain a rest! On top of that, I've finally caught Justin's cold, well really just a cough, so thats not going to help. 

Today when the school called to let me know his BG at lunch he was low, 53!  He said he was feeling fine, so I'm not sure how low it needs to be to cause a problem....so he at lunch, then it was at 89, but the insulin hadn't peaked yet, so he had 1 starburst, and it was a little over 100, much better!  Then before dinner, it was 114, right where it should be for before a meal :)  

Justins school is amazing, all the ladies there have been so great!  I know this is a lot to deal with and it's hard having someone else deal with it all day, they call me, and like today they will call multiple times if needed, so I'm worried all day, even though I still do.  I'm just so nervous something bad is going to happen when I'm not near him, not that I'm a dr or anything, but I'm just so nervous about everything!  I thought the sad/angry feelings were going away, but tonight I don't feel like they are.  I guess I'm just going to have to cry some more, I always feel better afterwards.  


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