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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1 Month since diagnosis

One month ago today we were in a hospital room, trying to take in everything being thrown at us & mourning the loss of "the way things were."  I couldn't stop crying and Justin told me "come here and I'll give you some Justin lovin' " (cuddling)  He has been such a champ through everything, starting with the hospital, IV's, all the shots that are now a daily occurrence. He just amazes me everyday with how strong he is.  I ask him a lot about his feelings with everything, and he never has to much to say, occasionally he'll answer with "I wish I didn't have diabetes", and I'll tell him I wish the same thing, but we can't change how God made us and were gonna learn everything we can, and you'll be healthy and strong.  That always puts a smile on his face. 

Since November 19th Justin has had to prick his finger about 150 times, and get about 100 injections.  I hate it, but I know he feels better, and that's what matters.  This is not easy to take even a month later, I still cry, its tough.  Tonight I talked with the scouts about diabetes, and they earned a belt loop, Justin was so excited to show his friends how he checks his sugar.  They were all asking him a bunch of questions & while I was reading a book to them Justin made sure to tell them every part that was just like him :) 

Last weekend we went to the Boy Scout camp for the day on Saturday, Justin had a blast, and doing all the extras like checking sugar and insulin almost seemed "normal" I bring my JDRF backpack, packed with snacks and all his stuff if we'll be gone for a while.  Otherwise I fit what I need in my big purse LOL

Day Camp with Diabetes

A couple weeks ago he was at his friends house playing and he wanted an extra snack, my friend was so surprised that he said "I need to go check my sugar first"  He makes me so proud! 

One day before diagnosis :(
About 1 month after diagnosis :)

He's wearing the same shirt, that he loves!  He's already asked me when were going to another race, I feel so bad he missed out because he wasn't feeling good.  We will definitely go to another with him!  I can't wait!

I'm so happy that he feels better, He is back to his old self, who I kind of forgotten because I thought he was just growing up and acting different.  He is so silly, and always doing something to make me laugh, I love starting my day laughing and being silly with him :) He's gained 11 lbs back!  I can totally tell when I try to pick him up haha!  I tell him "dude, your waaaaayyyy to heavy" and he just laughs, what a boy!

He is teaching us about being strong, everyday.  I only wish I could change places with him so he didn't have to deal with this.  Being a kid is supposed to be carefree, not worrying about blood sugars and making sure you have a snack when your supposed to instead of when your hungry.  I thank God, that we found out what was wrong when we did before it turned into a real serious situation that required an ICU stay, I also pray to God to give the researchers the funding and tools to find a cure sometime in his lifetime.  I can only hope that will happen.  His Dr. said in 6 months to a year if he's wanting to we may try  a pump.  I think that would be great, but Justin would have to want to do it since he's the one wearing it. 

Still going one day at a time................................

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