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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Never give up on your dreams

It's been a while since I blogged :) 

Not too much has happened in our diabetes world, just on cruise control doing what we gotta do. The only new addition is the dexcom!  We love Dex :)  Justin is getting excited about the JDRF walk coming up in a couple weeks.  Me too! It's always fun to spend the morning with family & friends. 

This last weekend we went to Daytona for the Alert Today 300 Xfinity Series race.  We always love the chance to be at the track supporting our fave driver Ryan Reed! Not sure why I didn't blog about it, but in November at Homestead-Miami Speedway we got to meet Ryan!  We were the only ones waiting where he was going to do his interview, waiting for about 40 minutes lol....of course after he was there it was more crowded but I wanted to make sure Justin was right in the front ;)

This year in Daytona, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  In the fanzone there are some games for the kids, and when we first walked by was busy, so we did other things and then we were heading back to them, and I thought I seen a couple of people wearing the fancy Drive to stop diabetes shirts so I stopped to look and then here comes Ryan walking up behind them, he waved and said hi to us :)))))  That made for a super happy kiddo!!  Then during driver intros, Justin yells to him "I like your cowboy hat" and gives him a thumbs up, and Ryan smiles and returns the thumbs up! Again Justin was so excited!  Ryan Reed is such an awesome role model for our kids with T1D.  We were so happy that he won his first Xfinity Series race! What an accomplishment!!  He just proves that it doesn't have to stop you from anything! 

I first heard about Ryan right after Justin was diagnosed, in searching the internet for anything and everything I could find I came across a picture of Ryan and his race car at the time covered with JDRF logo.  He wasn't racing in NASCAR at the time but I started following him on facebook, and loved his story.  I was so thrilled when he started racing some Nationwide races since those are the races and tracks were close to.  We were at a race the day before Justin was diagnosed, and he had a miserable time, so each time we get to go to the track and enjoy ourselves its just awesome! 

Ryan is quite the buzz in the DOC now that he's won a race, but he's been inspiring us for 2 years now :)

Diabetes tried to ruin our fun on Saturday at the race, he had a bad low, 39.  All the walking mixed with not finishing breakfast.....it totally sucks when your trying to have a good time and then you have to watch your child go through that, looking pale as a ghost and staring into space.  It really does suck.  But he recovered after almost 70 carbs uncovered, never spiked and was good the rest of the day.  He even had a hotdog bun and all uncovered.  I hate how quickly he can drop.  But I'm thankful we caught it and treated. And we went on to have a wonderful day! 

Enjoy these pics from our little weekend getaway :)

Me and My guys enjoying the race this last weekend in Daytona 2015

Ryan Reed & Justin @ Homestead-Miami Speedway 2014

My guys riding the bus over to the track ready for a fun day!
Enjoying the Ferris wheel in the midway.

Me and Justin on the bus back to the parking lot

My family at DisneyQuest

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