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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thoughts for the day......

Have been having alot of emotions again, most of the time they are there, just keep them inside and go about what we have to do.  So on Sunday at church I walk into the classroom to pick him up  and he was sitting there with a few other kids praying.  It was super cute he was sitting there with his hands folded and head bowed.  As we were leaving he says "Mom, you know what I was praying about?" Thinking he was going to say something about having no more homework or something lol...no he says I was praying for my diabetes to go away :(  
Then today his dexcom was really off for a while, and was alarming him at 55, and it makes the crazy beeping.  So he calls me and I tell him he can have his bag of chips.  Well he goes back to his class for aftercare and some of the other boys start picking on him, because his dex was beeping and he was having a snack.  Saying come get your chips or some nonsense, and laughing.  I totally wish those kids who think its funny to make fun of him could deal with diabetes for a day, all the needles, having snacks when your not really hungry, feeling like crap from a low.  Anyone with T1D, is truly a superhero, its not easy.  I'm sure first bg check and those kids would be whining and crying they have to do it, same with an insulin shot or pump site change.  I really wish people would teach their kids some compassion, instead of how to be little jerks. 
The end.

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