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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hello Ping!

I am so excited!!  Justin finally is hooked up to the Animas Ping pump.  It was a bumpy road, but we made it here! 

We started talking with his endo about him going on a pump at the end of last year, but decided due to ins and deductible we would wait until after the new year.  Well new year and we were without ins, and I was trying to get Justin on a plan offered by the state called Healthy Kids, its available to any kid :)  Well the application process took forever and I never recieved anything saying he was accepted, what the payment was, nothing.  I logged into the website and it said active and my payment was late, so I paid.  They had enrolled him in a plan for medically needy kids and we were assigned a "nurse"  Well over the next 7 weeks, I left at least 10 messages for this person to call me so we can set up his endo appt and get his prescriptions.  No return call....I had only spoken to someone at the very beginning to set everything up.  In order for him to be on  this plan we had to leave the endo he was seeing that we absolutly love, and now I couldnt get a return call and appt with new endo, very frustrating.  We decided after I talked to a friend on a different plan who was still seeing the endo we love that we needed to switch him over to that plan.  My husband made a call to switch and let them know that we weren't receiving any call backs and he needed to be seen asap and they made the switch available as of the first of the current month, instead of us having to wait till the next. 

As soon as I had the ID number I called his endo to make an appt, and got one almost immediatly and it happened to be an appt my friend had just cancelled LOL...it was meant to be.  Finally the wheels were turning again.  We had to make another tough decision in switching to the new plan, his pediatrician was not on it......it was not easy but we see the endo more now, and the new pediatricians office is wonderful.  Things were finally working out after months of constant worrying about how we were gonna pay for his prescriptions, and when he would see the endo. 

At that appt we started the pump paperwork and It was quicker than I expected, we had the pump 3 weeks later:)  And it was killing me on the counter waiting to go to pump training 2 weeks later.  So we went last Thursday June 12 for training and we have saline in the pump for this week.  The pump is super easy to use, which is a huge relief because the video that came with it had me so worried!  The trainer said all the pump videos are like that, and they should make a beginner video  that doesn't have info overload.  I love the remote with the pump, its easy to enter carbs and BG and give a bolus.  Justin LOVES it too!  He keeps saying I can't wait until we have insulin in it!  Me too kiddo, me too!! 

I'm prepared for a few weeks of craziness while trying to adjust all the basals and everything.  Should be fun, NOT!  But totally worth it!!!!

Justin is so excited about it, and that makes it all worth it, instead of 9-12 shots every 3 days it will be 1 site change!  That right there is just awesome! I can't wait to get started next Thursday doing the real deal :)

Here's my happy pumper & his new ID bracelet from American Medical ID, one of Ryan Reeds sponsors of course, he decided he wanted a bracelet because the necklace would catch on his hair sometimes and he picked this one out :)

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