Justin's Story

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My favorite things-Day 7 Diabetes Blog week

My favorite thing about blog week is finding new blogs to read!  When Justin was first diagnosed, I'm not even sure that we had left the hospital and I was searching for others with children about the same age going through the same thing.  I found comfort in reading others stories, knowing that I wasn't alone in my feelings.  I decided to start my own blog very soon after he was diagnosed.  My original reason to start blogging was I just needed a place to get my feelings out and tell our story, hoping maybe someone would read it and find comfort in the fact they aren't alone. 

There isn't a specific blog post from this week that stands out to me, I really enjoyed all of them that I've had time to read.  It will take me a while to get through them all!  I have met some great ladies through blogging, and I wouldn't have found those connections otherwise :)   

Can't wait until next years DBlog Week! 

Thanks for reading and following me!


  1. On the same page as you -- love finding new blogs (like yours) that I hadn't come across before. But I'm also a fan of re-connecting with friends and just seeing all the different takes on each prompt. Thanks for playing along, and like you I've got a lot of catching up to do as we move past this week. Thanks for sharing your stories!


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