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Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Months & Honeymoon is for sure over......

I've decided I will do monthly updates on here, unless something needs to be said sooner :)  

 The first few months I had a lot more to say, mostly because it was so new, and there were so many emotions I was feeling that I needed a place to vent.  We are now into a routine, and its feeling more normal.  

A few weeks ago I sent some of Justin's numbers over to the Dr. because he was running high for no reason.  She said looks like honeymoon is ending :(  So now the hard part of being the pancreas for my kid.  He's getting a more insulin now, and his numbers have been much better.  

We had a wonderful Easter, Justin was completely thrilled with his chocolate bunny!  I let him have a little piece each day until it was gone.  We learned how to count carbs using carb factors, and weighing the food.  It gives a more accurate carb count, especially when eating pasta, since the nutrition facts on the box are for dry uncooked noodles! Now I know I'm giving the correct amount of insulin for what he's eating, and he's not so high at bedtime! YAY!   This is such a learning process!

Sometimes you get a crazy number for no reason, today at school he was LOW, lowest number he's ever had,  and he ate the right amount of carbs he should for breakfast.  Not sure why, other than they were at the pool in PE, which very well could have cause it.  He treated it, and 15 minutes later he was where he should be. Scary thing is he said he didn't feel funny or anything!  Usually he will say his stomach hurts, and we check and he's a little low.  But he said he felt fine!  YIKES!!   

I felt awful that I couldn't be there for him, and I wish I could take it away from him and deal with all this myself.  I hate that this is how the rest of his life will be, it just sucks!  We definitely make the best of it, we tell him all the time how he can still do anything he wants and we try to make the diabetes the background noise, but that doesn't always work.  But we are trying our best!  

We are excited to go to the JDRF Family day at the Rapids water park!  Justin was thrilled when I told him, everytime he sees a commercial he wants to go :)  We'll get to meet other T1 families, and have a fun day!    The JDRF got a grant that they are using to pay for families with a T1 child or teen!  How awesome is that?!  Looking forward to meeting some new people and having fun!  

Well that's all I've got for now :) 


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