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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I never know what to title these as.......

So Justin went to the endocrinologist on Monday, it went good.  She said his numbers are good, and keep doing what were doingWe don't' have to go back until June, and I just send over his numbers, so she can let me know if any insulin adjustments are needed. She was very impressed with the little chart I made of Justin's numbers from when the school calls me.  She absolutely loves Justin!  He is so silly and she just laughs the whole time with him.  She told him he's her favorite, then wanted a hug :)  She's really nice, and is great with Justin!  

Things at home have been going good, were getting into the routine of it all and it is becoming more normal.  School is going good too, they call me everyday and let me know what his number at lunch is, and if they check him any other time, because he thinks he's low or there having a extra snack or something. 

I still worry a lot, and probably will forever.  We went to the fair last Saturday with some friends. I felt bad for Justin when his buddy wanted cotton candy or something.....even though he wouldn't have ate it anyway, that's not the point.  It just sucks!  We did good checking his sugar a few more times than normal, it was hot out and he was running around like a crazy man in the fun houses and such.  He wanted to argue about eating because he was not very hungry, he doesn't totally understand that part of this yet.  If he doesn't eat when he's supposed to he'll go low because he's already had the long acting insulin and when it peaks, will cause a low.  He ended up eating and it turned out fine, just frustrating in the moment because before T1D if he wasn't hungry yet, he could just wait until he was.

He gets annoyed when I ask him a million times how he's feeling.  I just like to know LOL.......One day he said his stomach was hurting, and I asked are you hungry? Bathroom? Or you feel low?  He said he felt low, and we checked and sure enough he was in the low 60's.  So he's really starting to get to know his body and how he feels, and should be feeling.  I just started reading a book, "Kids first, diabetes second" I'm only a few pages in, written by another Type 1 Blogger...D-Mom blog.  So far its great, I've read her blog and actually didn't realize she wrote the book until I started reading.   All I can do is read, read, and read some more.  Knowledge is power, right? :)  

We are looking forward to another busy weekend, going to the Norton Museum to do an art project with a friend.  Then a playdate afterwards with another friend.   Busy, busy! 

Until next time................

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