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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Diabetes Personified(wildcard) - #DBlogWeek Day 2

Topic for today - I picked a wildcard :-)

If you could personify your diabetes or that of your loved one, what would it be like?  What would it look like, what would it say, what kind of personality would it have?  Use your imagination and feel free to use images, drawings, words, music, etc. to describe it.  (Thank you Reva of Type ONEderful for this topic suggestion.)

Hmmmm.....good question.  I'm gonna ask Justin for some help and see what he says.

Diabetes personality according to Justin:

It would say: "I hate this person & I wanna take over his body" 
It would look like: "a little green germ that has an evil hat on"

It's personality would be: "a poop head evil jerk" LOL!!!!



  1. I agree, Justin. Diabetes is a poop head evil jerk. Great job on the picture and talking about who diabetes would be!

  2. Aww! Great job on the picture :)

  3. Perfect artistic depiction, Justin!

  4. OMG best personification ever! Im probably going to borrow that description and whenever Im having a high or hypo tell people that diabetes is being a poop head evil jerk. Love the pic :)

  5. Still trying to catch up with some of the d-blog week posts.
    I truly love Justin's picture. May have to hang it on my fridge.


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