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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Proud D-Mom Moment

So on Friday Justin had a fun day at camp, as usual. They went to a big arcade place that had lots of other things besides the arcade to do.  Then when they got back to campus they went swimming.  Well while they were swimming a couple of boys were picking on Justin, saying he had dia booties, and other nonsense.  Well Justins buddy wasn't having it and told the camp counselor.  Well she really got those boys and put them in their place, I'm so happy that she stood up for him.  It could have been so easy for her to just tell them to stop and walk away.  Your probably wondering how the fact that kids picking on my sweet boy makes me proud.  Well that part doesn't at all and makes me quite angry, but I'm happy that his counselor was there to stick up for him.  Well after she put them in their place she turned to Justin and asked him "Is there anything wrong with you?"  His response "NO".........That is absolutely the correct answer!!!  He makes me so proud!!  We try so hard to help him realize that yes he has to do all these things alot of his friends don't, but he's not different, and he can do anything he wants.  Sometimes I wonder if he believes that, and I'm sure he doesn't always especially if its a rough D day.  But in that moment he made me so proud.  When the counselor was telling me what happened I had tears in my eyes.  I'm honestly a ball of emotions ready to explode sometimes, any little thing just makes me want to cry.  Its gotten easier over the last year and 8 months, but the emotional side of this for me still gets to me so easily. 

  This is absolutely how I feel about Justin :)


  1. Thank goodness for awesome people!! Other adults, caregivers and even teachers should take note of how it SHOULD be taken care of.

  2. Totally! This counselor has known Justin since kindergarten :)


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