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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Emotionally Exhausting Day!

As usual we had a busy Saturday.  We started the day at the art museum with friends, then lunch, trip to the Scout shop to get his Bear stuff, then home for a little while. Then we ventured out for dinner, and to get his school supplies.  

Well diabetes has been a big PITA today!!

High numbers all day (no change in his food or the way I dose or count carbs!)  Then we get to dinner and he was playing and coloring before the meal came, well he was touching the syrup bottle on the table. We always use a alcohol wipe before testing, well apparently I didn't wipe enough because this happened:

So of course we retested right away!  Made sure to wipe the finger off really good, and it was better.  Always gotta retest!  If I had given him insulin off of that reading he most likely would have went way low, after dinner.   

He has had higher numbers again today all day today, and a few higher numbers the last week or so......it seems that's beginning to be the normal so after tomorrow I will upload and send the Dr more numbers.  Change the dose again.  Its barely been a month since the last change, but Justin has been growing like a weed, gained 2 pounds in the last few weeks.  He's now officially 1 pound more than this time last year before the diabetes started.  Only took almost 9 months to get there!  And he's definitely taller......or I'm shrinking.

I really hate these days, its just so frustrating!!  Dammit D, please stop wrecking havoc on my kid & my emotions!!!  It makes me so annoyed, there goes his under 7 A1C!!  I know its not a grade on our parenting, but it sure feels like it, his last visit to the endo was fabulous and I don't want to screw it up!  All these crazy numbers and made be double think waiting till October to discuss the pump...maybe a phone call to the endo is in order, just to see if we can start the process sooner......even though I'm worried we won't be able to afford it anyway, stupid insurance. 

We shall see...............


  1. Don't ya just love the syrup filled bg test? AND no stress about the A1c... you're gonna rock it :)

    Hang in there, I promise these days become less and less frequent in time :)

  2. Definitely get the information about the pump. Every insurance is different so it's always better to ask and get the info. I am one of the lucky ones with good insurance (although it wasn't always that way) and my hubby's pump and supplies aren't terribly expensive. I say that loosly however because I know some people get their supplies even cheaper than us, but everyone's insurance is different. I recently overheard a conversation at the doctor from a patient who used the same insulin as my hubby and it cost her $1,000 for a 3 month supply. For us, it is about $90. I felt terrible for this poor woman. How unfair and unjust is it to make one patient pay that much and others so "little" But it's the world of medicine. Sorry for babbling :)


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